Wednesday, 1 August 2012

777 Challenge

I was recently nominated to take up the 777 challenge by my good friend Scott Bury, and it seems all I have to do is give you seven sentences from page 7 or 77 of my work in progress.  Okay, challenge accepted!

I'm going for page 7 because I haven't hit 77 pages in Gray Redemption yet. Tom Gray is trying to get back to the UK, and his friend is negotiating with a Chinese people-smuggler:

Just a few moments earlier he had planned to have the four passengers thrown overboard once the money had been transferred, but now he would have to guarantee their safe passage lest this laowai insult him further by going to a competitor.

He took a few deep breaths to disperse the adrenalin coursing through his body before replying.

“Once they reach the UK they will call you to confirm their arrival. You will then transfer the money.”

“Deal,” Hughes smiled, offering his hand to shake on it, but Tang ignored the gesture.

“If the money isn’t in my account an hour after that phone call, you’d better pray that you’re already dead.”

That's the easy bit done: I now have to nominate 7 authors I admire to carry on the challenge.  The hard part was narrowing it down to just 7, but here goes (in no particular order):

Seb Kirby

Cinta Garcia

Dawn Torrens

Gae-Lynn Woods

David Leadbeater

Andy Lucas

MG Wells

It's all yours, guys!!


  1. Thanks Alan I gladly accept the challenge!!

  2. Here are my lines from page 77 of LIGHTMASTERS Number 13 by MG WELLS:

    Outside, a beat-up taxi spews smoky exhaust fumes. I push open a glass door, and Cleopatra pushes past me. My stomach flip flops when I hear Regina and Pam.

    “Hey weirdo weird, where do you think you’re going!” they shout.

    Right now, I wish I were invisible. I should’ve never put myself in the middle of this crazy mess. I run to the taxi, yank open the dented door, and shove Cleopatra into the back.

    Strange Turkish music blasts, and I scooch next to her.

    “Don’t be so pushy,” Cleopatra whines.

    “Regina and Pam, six o’clock.” I say and slam the door.

    We gasp in unison when a curly-haired, cross-eyed driver faces us with a lopsided sneer.

    “Igor Polinsky at your service,” he announces in a thick Slavic accent.

    “So, vere you vant to go? Movies, mall or Mickey D’s?”

    From LightMasters: Number 13 by MG WELLS

  3. Great stuff, Alan! And great nominees to carry it on!

  4. Thanks for the challenge, Alan - here's my excerpt on THE BIG HEAT:

  5. Hi just finished reading the first two tom gray books and wondered when the 3rd wld be out...getting withdrawal symptoms already?!

    1. Hi Clare,

      I'm so glad you liked the first two books!

      I was hoping to have Gray Redemption done by the end of September but family got in the way (I didn't factor in the long summer holidays) so it has fallen behind a little.

      I will be putting a blog post up in the next couple of weeks to let you know about the release date and how to get advance notice.


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