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This month's featured iAi author is Gary Henry, and it's my great pleasure to present his latest novel Rogue Goddesses.

Rogue Goddesses

Evil superwoman Melnikova seeks revenge and world-domination in this stand-alone sequel to American Goddesses (2012). Earth's mightiest champions fall before her. Set in 2030 A.D. and 600 years beyond, Rogue Goddesses details a world in the grip of cruel women possessing omnipotent powers. Humankind's only hope of averting this catastrophic future -- one teen-aged girl desperately afraid of her own emerging powers.

Where to find the book:  http://www.amazon.com/Rogue-Goddesses.../dp/B00UCDKKKK

Author Profile

Grew up at the beach in Virginia. Discovered the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Rockies in college, where I studied journalism and theater. Honed my writing craft in the military as a "Navy Journalist." Taught journalism at the Defense Information School.

Discovered spelunking while stationed in Nashville, Tenn. Love the AP Stylebook. Retired from the Navy, live in Lawrence, Kansas with spouse Karen Ann and dogs Sophie Jones and Lambchop.

Enjoy running all day and night on trails in woods. Wrote my first novel a couple months after discovering Smashwords. Now living happily ever after.

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  1. Great feature Alan! I love the Cassidy Jones ADV Elise Stokes is another talented author I admire greatly...

  2. How interesting! Have many compared it to American Gods?


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