Monday, 5 March 2012

Gray Resurrection

This is a two-part post to answer questions raised during the launch of Gray Resurrection. I will first of all explain how the launch went, and then tell you about the cover image.

It is now 4 days since I released the sequel to Gray Justice and it’s time to reflect on how successful (or not) the promotion actually was. I set the price of Gray Resurrection to just 99 cents while at the same time offering a coupon to get Gray Justice free from Smashwords. It turned out that the promotion wasn’t that popular. Only 2 people took advantage of the free copy, yet actual cash sales increased, with daily sales up by 800%! That might sound a lot, but I think the figures have peaked and I expect them to fall back over the rest of the month.

It was fun while it lasted, but it does show you the value of a second book. I’m hoping to get another leap in sales when I release the last in the series – Gray Redemption – towards the end of the year. I’ll be back with details nearer the time.

As for the cover image, I wanted something really eye-catching for my second book. I recently interviewed Russell Blake on this blog and one of the things I asked was where he got his book covers from. While Russell couldn’t give me his/her name, he did offer to pass their email address along. I contacted the person and was given a great price for what I consider an outstanding image. I gave them the basics of the story and pointed out which elements where most relevant: the bolo (knife used for cutting your way through the jungle - or someones neck!); the protagonist in his battle to escape; and the attack on a military base. I was given a suggestion which I liked and asked for an example, which I got a week later. Unfortunately, the image of Tom Gray was all wrong. He had a normal nose, whereas Tom's was flat against his face. I pointed this out and three hours later I had the revised image you see here. That is one service provider who has found a customer for life! If you want a similarly stunning cover for your next book, take a look at Russell’s interview for details.

Ok, time to do some more writing…


  1. Congrats on Gray Resurrection! As you know, I really liked it.

    I have another challenge for you: Tag!

    I have been tagged by Sylvia van Bruggen. She asked me 11 questions, and I answered on my blog. You're one of the 11 I chose to pass this on to. I have 11 questions for you.

    Now, you have to answer them, then choose another 11 bloggers to pass your own 11 questions to.

    Visit my blog here for the questions:

    Have fun!


  2. Just finished both books and I am hooked .... waiting not very patiently for book both books from Amazon for my Kindle Fire.

  3. Alan

    Just finished Gray Justice, and will happily buy the next 2 for my kindle. I am a slow (although constant) reader, but finished the book in record time. There is definitely a movie franchise there and might I suggest Jason Statham for the lead? Although you would have to “distort” his features during the first movie and have him look like “Statham” after the plastic surgery? This one could run.
    Many thanks ...Brian

  4. Jason seems a very popular choice for Tom Gray, Brian. Personally I would have liked Michael Sheen, but that's just me. Maybe I should send a copy of the screenplay to both and see what they think.

  5. Alan

    So there is a screenplay? And although I believe your tongue to be firmly wedged in your cheek when you mention Michael Sheen?, I think “Gray” could be adapted for film very well either as a franchise or as one off based on the trilogy?.....update...HAVE purchased Resurrection (read) & Redemption (half finished), please add me to any “new release” mail list you have

    Thanks once again Alan

  6. Consider yourself added, Brian.

    The screenplay has been sent to the BBC but I won't hear from them for a couple of months. Not holding my breath, though. Perhaps I'll have to wait until I've got a few more books under my belt before anyoen takes an interest...


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