Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The next book you buy could make all the difference...

In difficult times like these it is often hard to think of others when you have barely enough for yourself, but people still find time to do their bit for charity. Whether it is a sponsored run or volunteering at a local hospice, they give their time so that others might benefit.

Unfortunately we aren't all fit enough to jog for ten miles, and we might not have the time to do a shift in the canteen, but there are other ways we can make a difference to the lives of others.

My good friend Rob S. Guthrie came up with what I see as the perfect idea in the form of RABMAD. Millions of books are purchased every day and the profits go to the publishers, editors and authors (or in the case of indie authors, just to the author themselves). However, there are over a dozen authors on RABMAD who are pledging a percentage of their royalties to good causes, such as Benefit4Ben.

For my part, fifty percent of the royalties I receive from Gray Justice will be shared between the British Heart Foundation and Barnardos. This means that every time someone purchases a copy for 99 cents, they are not only getting a fantastic read, but are also supporting these great charities.

And that's how simple it is: you READ A BOOK (something you would have done anyway) and at the same time MAKE A DIFFERENCE. If you're a reader, get over to RABMAD and check out the great authors. If you're an author, why not join us?

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